Friday, May 19, 2017

Green Eyes

Released in 2007, Green Eyes was inspired by a 1951 design from Hollywood costume designer William Travilla. Known simply as Travilla, he was the mastermind behind the Subway Dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch." Gene Tierney was the actress who wore the original inspiration in a film titled "On the Riviera."

This limited edition of 500 came with the following description:

There must be some place – some time – some occasion – beautiful enough to wear this gown: perhaps in a garden with the moonlight reflecting in Green Eyes. A fitted bodice of silver satin is spangled with translucent sequins beneath a sweetheart neckline ringed with matching silver ribbon and tied with a sumptuous bow in the back. The full layered-tulle skirt is a rainbow of pastel hues, combined to resemble nothing so much as the fragile surface of a child’s soap bubble. Long silver blue gloves and embroidered shoes are the details of this ensemble, as “diamonds” at the ears and a “diamond” bracelet are the jewelry. This dream of a dress brings the spotlight with you and makes the moon your balloon wherever you go. Green eyes, silver moon, perfection.

This is one of my favorite Integrity dolls; not so much for the outfit, but for the face paint and hair.

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