Friday, August 31, 2012

Marilyn, Scarlett, and Dorothy

Robert Tonner's recently announced Fall line has a whopping number of 6 new Marilyn Monroe doll outfits, 2 of which include a Marilyn doll. First up is Marilyn as Pola Debevoise from "How To Marry A Millionaire."

I still can't say I'm crazy about the face sculpt; there's something off about it, mainly around the mouth area. Still, the number of outfits and the fact that many of them have never been available in 16" size will be a huge enticement to many collectors.

3 of the new releases are from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," with my favorite being "I am Lorelei Lee" (outfit only):

"I Just Adore Conversation" outfit only (previously released in a less accurately colored pink version by the Franklin Mint):

16" Diamonds outfit and doll:

From "Love Nest" comes a never before released outfit, "Roberta Moves In":

And finally, a classic outfit from the movie "Niagara":

Adding a mini record like the one from the movie that Marilyn carries would have been a nice touch to add, but unfortunately, no go on that.

There is one new release in the Scarlett O'Hara "Gone With The Wind" line, featuring the outfit only seen in silhouette in the final shot of the movie, called "My Tara":

I was disappointed that photos of the James Dean doll by Tonner were still not available; I am curious to see how accurate the sculpt on this one will be. Over at Ashton Drake, they have announced the upcoming release of a Scarlett O'Hara doll as well. Labeled as a "fashion doll," it would appear that it's not articulated. There will be others in the collection, but no announcement if that will be other characters or other outfits. Scarlett, Belle Of The Barbecue Fashion Doll, priced at $129.99, appears to be a nice sculpt of Vivien Leigh, but AD has a habit of heavily retouching their photos; so much in fact that the final product rarely matches the pre-release photos.

They also have a Dorothy "Wizard of Oz" doll, too. Dorothy, Over The Rainbow Fashion Doll, $129.99

This one doesn't appear to be articulated either, and it looks as if the socks are painted on. The material for these dolls isn't listed, so it's hard to tell if it's porcelain, vinyl, or resin.

I also find it surprising that both dolls clearly resemble the actresses that they play, yet the website mentions no copyright/licensing information for either Vivien Leigh or Judy Garland.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trent Osborn: Neat As A Pin revisited

When it comes to getting photographed, my Trent collection often gets the "fuzzy end of the lollipop." Finally, I decided it was time to get him out of the trunk shoot some never-before-shot outfits as well as revisit a few old ones. Today's post shows a ginger Trent in "Neat As A Pin," released in 2002. He really is a handsome devil, channeling Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, and Gary Cooper all at the same time. What a great sculpt!

The detailing on this suit is incredible; handkerchief in pocket, suspenders underneath...very well done!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gene Marshall is Unforgettable

It's difficult not to hum the Nat King Cole song when looking at these photos, as the name of this doll and outfit are "Unforgettable." Designed by Dolly Cipolla, this mermaid-style Circa 1957 dress was released in 1999 by Ashton-Drake. This is the original doll, with a new "do" by the talented Kathy Johnson.

From the story card:

New York City has always held a soft, sentimental spot in its worldly heart for Gene Marshall. After all, she was 'discovered' there working in a movie theater (which all the local point to with pride). Plus, her family is from Cos Cobb, Connecticut, and that's close enough for New Yorkers to consider Gene a hometown girl. So New York was thrilled when Gene came 'home' to film PERSONAL SECRETARY in Manhattan. All throughout shooting, the media kept anticipation at a fever-pitch with feature stories about Gene on-and-off camera. When the night of the premiere came, New Your City celebrated as only the Big Apple can. Massive spotlights swept the sky outside the same movie theatre that Gene once worked as an usherette. The excitedly buzzing crowds were held back by velvet-roped stanchions, while mounted police stood by. A platinum silver limousine purred to a stop at the head of the red carpet, and out stepped Gene. She uncurled from the shadowy limo like a sleek, curvaceous feline, wearing a sultry mermaid gown of rich dubonnet wine that lovingly graced every contour. Her platinum hair shone like sterling silver in the flashbulbs, and her acclaimed smile was as dazzling as her jewelry. With hundreds of fans cheering her. Mom and Dad in the front row, and lavish bouquets in her hotel suite form four well-known leading men…this night was unforgettable for both Gene and New York City.

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