Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mary Astor: Piano Concerto No. 1

Ever since I saw the prototype photos over a year ago (!), I have been anxious for this doll to be released. Even though most people today have never heard of the classic Oscar winning beauty Mary Astor, I for one have...and was shocked by how spot-on the sculpt and face paint were. The final execution? Not too bad.

To be upfront, I did accessorize the doll with earrings to match what Mary originally wore in the movie "The Great Lie," which is what Piano Concerto No. 1 was inspired by.

The outfit is pretty incredible; especially the detailing of the cape. I rushed these photos and am looking forward to getting more creative in the near future with this doll. The back of the cape is just as beautiful.

Pros: the sculpt. As Andrew Yang told me, there was a lot of time spent on it and it shows. The cape. The dress. Absolutely beautiful.

Cons: Probably wouldn't be many except I saw the prototype photos. The face paint is much better (but I could probably touch the doll up myself). The dress on the original was more of a cream color, which seems to be a better choice than the bright white which was the final execution. The body of the doll is a great improvement for Tonner articulation, but still doesn't hold a candle to the Integrity Gene Marshall body. And the hair...I see they attempted to mimic the hairstyle from the movie, but it definitely will need to be redone. It just looks like a sculpted/gelled mess. You don't see the shoes, but they are a gold sandal-style pump. Odd choice, since the jewelry is silver. At least they don't show.

Overall: It's a win. I am being picky and I'll be the first to admit it. Kudos to Tonner for bringing Mary Astor to the public and to Andrew Yang for making sure his great-grandmother was honored in such a beautiful way.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Gene goes to Palm Springs

I can't believe it's been two weeks since the trip to Palm Springs for the "final" Gene Marshall Jamieshow Convention. Gene is showing off the host hotel, The Riviera Resort and Spa. Just pull your car right up here:

Love the green of the lobby, as that's my favorite color!

The rooms are tastefully decorated without being overdone.

What a great sunset view from my balcony!

You can't have a great hotel in Palm Springs without a pool:

The Convention began with a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres get-together. Of course the man behind Gene was there mingling with the guests who were looking forward to seeing what the "final" Gene would look like. Mel's partner Charlie is on the right.

George's talented photographer Ruben Fuentes was on hand to capture the event. Here's one of me with Sandra Stillwell (see you in Cleveland?) and collector Darin:

The first Gene doll was there to bid her fond farewell.

Michael, Darin, and Larry:

After what seemed like an eternity (doll collectors have no patience), we were allowed into the sales room:

Doris & Rock greeted everyone:

The Centennial Marsha Hunt doll in the outfit she wore at FDR's birthday party in 1937:

Miss Lord:

I would have to say that Zita Charles was the "wow" of the Convention; she sold out very quickly.

Violet looking like she stepped right out of the Groovy Sixties!

Should we or shouldn't we? Calculating what we were going to get, with Diane Wagner and Lynne Day:

The next morning there was a line outside the sales room. People wanted more! My favorite Gene hairdresser, Kathy Johnson, made it to the Convention. What a great surprise!

Oh Cindy...just take the picture! I am so glad I captured this, even though she will probably get me back next time I see her.

The "farewell" dinner (sorry, have to include the quotes; I am hopeful!) had me at table 8.

Sandra and Michael, ready for another successful collaboration in Cleveland:

Darin & Larry:

Darin, Vera, Larry, and Kelly Red. Also at Table 8:

Ruben allowed me to shoot him (and he returned the favor!) with George Gonzalez, who put the whole shebang together:

George with the always fashionable (and sassy) Reba:

Randy & Michael:


Michael brought his Zita doll to the table, wearing a special lavender "Edith" from the Sandra Stillwell Eternal Style Convention:

Thanks for the shot, Ruben!

Besides Cindy, Michael will probably shoot me for posting this other shot that Ruben took. I happen to like it.

Mel as he unveiled Gene:

He's going to take some time to be able to play and create with Gene...and then we'll see. She might have another go after that.

George unveils the Jamieshow Convention doll, Veronika, wearing a space-age helmet and mod outfit:

Final shot is of Mel and Charlie, posing with Palm Springs Gene:

It was so great to see everyone again and enjoy the wonderful Palm Springs weather. Thanks for making it happen, George and Mel!

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