Monday, December 22, 2014

Warmest Wishes

Released in 1998, "Warmest Wishes" was one of my first Genes. I cannot believe it took me so long to post about her! Tim Kennedy's circa 1948 design is a favorite of mine. Part of an FAO Schwarz release, she comes with a wrapped Christmas package that has a miniature nutcracker inside.

From the story card:

Shopping for the holidays on New York City's Fifth Avenue! What a wonderful way to feel the holiday spirit, amid the festive hustle and bustle of the city. Gene happily hummed the refrain of the new carol "Sleigh Ride" as she made her way along the sidewalk, smiling at all the rosy faces smiling back at her.

The dazzling lights, colors, and whirring mechanical motion in a toy store's window enticed her to stop and stare with childlike delight at the marvels within. And that's when she saw him...a toy soldier, tall and proud, so dashing in his crisp white soldier's uniform with a red shako hat, polished black boots, gold braid, and black epaulettes. With his snowy-white hair and beard it reminded Gene of Henry, the gentlemanly doorman of the posh hotel she stayed at when in town. Over the years he had become a gallant friend, handling Gene's mail, messages, and fans with the same calm efficiency that had made him a decorated soldier in the war. A bullet in the left leg left him with a bad limp, but nothing would ever daunt his pride at serving his country. Now, wearing another uniform, he guards and serves the hotel's guests in all kinds of weather, with the same dedication and loyalty he gave to the army. What a perfect gift that toy soldier would make for darling Henry!

"Besides," Gene later thought impishly as she walked out of the store, gift box tucked under her arm, "I never could resist a man in uniform!"

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trent is "Live"!

The Jamieshow website has now been updated to offer the incomparable Trent Osborn for sale. SO many great things to see here! Trent looks amazing in his first resin incarnation.

On top of that, a second wig cap (blonde in color) gives you TWO Trents for the price of one.

Here's our blonde haired leading man:

As if that's not enough, Trent comes in a fashionable trunk:

Other clothes are available for purchase, too, including this pinstripe suit:

A pinstripe shirt:

A coat:

A paisley robe:

and paisley slippers:

Oxford dress shoes look beautifully detailed:

Run, don't walk to JAMIEshow to order now!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Trent in Resin!

Mel Odom and George Gonzalez of Jamieshow teamed up in 2013 to resuscitate Gene Marshall. Not just trot her out again…but in resin. Beautiful luminous resin. I held out hope that Gene's male friend, Trent Osborn, would also be produced by Jamieshow. Finally, that day is near. Today, Gonzalez announced the following:

On Sunday December 21st we will be introducing a new Character in the JAMIEshow Gene Marshall Line! Check the website Sunday the 21st at Noon Central Time for more info on Trent!

He is quite a handsome devil! Edition numbers, descriptions, and more info will be posted on the day they go live on the website!

George also let me know the following:

He can wear all the original Trent Clothing made AND he can also wear JAMIEshow Men’s clothes! There will be several other surprise regarding Trent when he is introduced, so everyone will have to stay tuned til Sunday for that! Everyone will be very pleased!

From another piece of teaser art, it would appear that Trent will have the ability to switch hair colors as well. This is fantastic news!

As if that wasn't enough, George is also offering $50 off your purchase! Here's the deal:

I can't wait to see the new articulated resin Trent. How about you?

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