Sunday, September 24, 2017

Black Calla

Released in 2008, Black Calla was an Integrity Toys release of an outfit that was originally modeled by Madra Lord. I chose to showcase Black Lipstick Gene Marshall instead.

Wearing 3 different wig caps (the second one was styled by the oh-so-talented Kathy Johnson), she looks stunning any way you slice it.

I always thought that Black Calla was a somewhat more stylish version of the Ashton Drake Black Lace fashion, which was inspired by a 1941 Irene Lentz design for Marlene Dietrich.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sandra Stillwell Eternal Style, Part 4

We have reached Saturday night, the final dinner for Sandra Stillwell's Eternal Style event which was a salute to Christian Dior and Yves St. Laurent. The centerpiece was titled "Versailles."

Attendees received "Alla," named after Alla Ilchun, one of the most famous Christian Dior models.

Pre-orders included "Junon," which caused jaws to drop and attendees to gasp. Get a load of that beading!

My very favorite was "Glittering Trapeze," which caused wallets and purses to explode! Wow...this one was a runaway hit.

"M├ętamorphose" was another favorite of mine.

Here are a few shots of my tablemates, beginning with this one of Vera and Larry:

Larry and Wayne:

Kelly, Larry (photobomber!), and Vera:

Lynne and Diane:

I was really fortunate to have such a fun and talented table. It made this year's event a blast. Michael upped the fun factor again as well by challenging attendees to create their own paper doll in an homage to the ones by Yves Saint Laurent featured at the VMFA exhibit. Everyone was given a "naked" doll and crayons, but were allowed to use whatever materials their creative hearts desired. The results were amazing!

1st runner up Holly Goldman's creation:

The lineup of contestants awaiting their prizes:

Helen from California shows off her winning creation:

A tie for First Place between Sandy Hayes and Judy Richardson:

Monsieur Michael returned to dazzle Julia with his predictions!

Huge kudos to Michael for not only making the Convention fun, but for making my behind-the-scenes photography of the fashions such a blast, too.

A shot with the talented Tommy Courtney (aka Tommy Doll):

The Helpers getting ready to bestow more gifts:

For me, the highlight of the evening was watching Michael's excitement as he won the crazy looking Lucille Ball doll during the Helper Raffle. It was love at first site!

Somehow attendees dragged themselves out of bed for Sunday Breakfast. Most likely the draw was the centerpiece titled "Maymont Park":

Pre-orders included two of my favorites "The Richmond Room":

...and "Monument Avenue," named after the controversial street with the Confederate Monuments. I can assure you no tar was thrown at this beautiful suit!

I always enjoy the Inspirations presentation, which shows what inspired the fashions that Sandra tirelessly picked and shopped for fabrics from all over the world. And I do mean all over. Sandra doesn't just go to JoAnn's; she flies to Paris and New York and picks the VERY best!

"Ambassador's Daughter" was inspired by an outfit worn by Olivia DeHavilland in a film of the same name:

Naturally, Sandra received a standing ovation:

Where will Sandra take us next year? Stay tuned!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Sandra Stillwell Eternal Style, Pt. 3

Saturday began with a breakfast presentation of "Models and Muses," with a centerpiece titled "Lasting Impressions." This trio of lovelies sported the same dress but three different colored coats.

The presentation was about some of the models and muses for Christian Dior.

I love the way Madame Bricard thinks!

It was time for Michael to unveil the next table gift...

and it was Mitzah, inspired by Mitzah Bricard (aka Madame Bricard).

In a total "squirrel" moment, here's Tommy Courtney showing off his insanely detailed (in a VERY good way!) version of Red Riding Hood. WOW!

Back to the convention...and another meal...

The centerpiece was "Granville." It was a toss up as to which was a bigger hit; the outfit or the miniature bottle of Dior perfume!

It ain't easy taking a good photo!

Attendees received one of these two outfits, titled "Simone." My fave is the red.

Some of the other outfits available for pre-order included these two favorites of mine: "Talisman":

...and the elegant "C'est Dior":

We were treated to an appearance by Monsieur Michael, Clairvoyant:

His amazing predictions had the audience enthralled.

And so did the Trent doll that was given away as a prize, costumed as Monsieur Michael:

Come back for Part 4, the Grand Finale!

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sandra Stillwell Eternal Style, Pt. 2

Friday kicked off with a breakfast that celebrated Dior and Yves St. Laurent at the Movies. The centerpiece doll outfit was title "Diamant Noir." Trent made an appearance in front of Sue Connor's diorama, holding the door open to the Dior salon in Paris. Always good to see Trent!

Two other favorite pre-order outfits that were unveiled included "In The Stars":

and "Ambassador's Daughter."

Our presentation was titled "Dior & The Stars":

Michael & Sandra: the amazing team that creates these unforgettable events:

After breakfast, attendees were whisked off the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Yves St. Laurent exhibit. Look at our girl Reba looking sassy, waiting for the bus:

And dig her purse!

Just one word to summarize this experience: INCREDIBLE! As you can see, Vera was very excited to enter the gallery!

Larry, Vera, and Wayne:

The gift shop window. I am sure a few purchases were made here!

Yves seemed a bit shy; I wonder if he knew Reba was coming?

And now without any interruption from the narrator, here is a random sprinkling of some of my favorite Yves St. Laurent creations from the exhibit:

Seeing the sketches and fabric swatches paired up was so interesting:

An interactive paper doll exhibit:

In this Warhol portrait, he just looks bored. Reba - come back!

I did take some time to check out the other galleries and found some items right up my alley:

And right next door to all this at the Virginia Historical Society was GUMBY!

Dinner back at the hotel celebrated Yves St. Laurent, with a centerpiece titled "Eternal Style." Recognize it from the exhibit?

Attendees brought their best-dressed dolls to pose with Sue's Dior diorama. Here are some of my favorites:

My tablemates:

Attendees received Lucie:

As if that weren't enough, the Friday Night Studio Commissary party followed, with lots more games and prizes and a showing of the Yves Saint Laurent documentary "YSL His Life and Times." The centerpiece featured Madra in "La Roue du Fortune."

Dolls were dressed in their evening attire:

Doll couture designer extraordinaire, Tom Courtney, showed up for Friday's festivities.

Some of the prizes for the evening included clunkers like Trent's underwear:

Some were AMAZING reveals, like the prototype for the new Gene that will be released after her upcoming "retirement" in February. This one is titled "Simply Essentially Basic Barebones Gene":

And the best prize was this Jamieshow Gene doll. WOW!

Is there more to come? YOU BETCHA'!

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