Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Texas Ranger

In 1936, Shirley Temple was an official marshall for the Texas Centennial. A commemorative doll was issued to celebrate the occasion, and has become a highly prized collectible. Produced by the Ideal Toy Company, the original 27" composition doll's outfit included a red rayon-satin shirt, bandana, twill shorts, heavy suede vest and chaps decorated with colorful suede and glass emblems, brown side-snap leatherette boots, brown socks, black leather belt with holster and metal toy "Buck" pistol, and with ten-gallon black felt hat with banner "Souvenir of Texas Centennial". At the Shirley Temple auction back in 2015, the doll shown below went for $8,500. Not bad for an item that had a presale estimate of $1,000! Shirley brings home the bacon, folks!

An original 27" has been on my bucket list for quite awhile, and I was finally able to check that one off. Presenting my Texas Ranger Shirley!

Completely refurbished by Cathy's Compos, this beauty has been restored to opening day freshness.

There are many who do not like restorations because they look “too new” or “overdone.” I myself typically prefer an original un-retouched Shirley, but I have to credit Cathy for a job well done with this one.

And if you think the outfit looks like it’s in incredible shape, well...it’s a reproduction, and a dang good one at that! Cathy threw in the genuine Stetson hat and toy pistol to boot.

…and I guarantee you I didn’t pay $8,500!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Battle of the Parasols

Inspired by a 1948 Christian Dior gown, Blue & Red Parasol are two of the most sought after Gene Marshall Integrity dolls. Released in 2009, we first have Blue Parasol, who evokes Marilyn.

Still, Red Parasol is a knockout for me. I'm partial to the raven-haired Genes.

I think I'm going to have throw my vote in for ol’ Red.

How about you? Do you want to anger either one of these beauties?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Temple Tuesday: 20" of Composition!

Shirley wears this cute ensemble in the final scene of the 1934 classic "Bright Eyes." When I saw an original 1930s Ideal 20" outfit come up for sale, I had to get it. But there was one problem...I didn't have a 20" composition doll to model it! I found the website dollfixer.com and within days, had a 1930's Ideal 20" composition doll waiting on my doorstep. What a beauty, and what a great price! She came in an outfit from "Captain January."

A total vintage stunner!

Here she proudly models the "Bright Eyes" outfit:

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ladies Who Launch

Released in 2006 by Integrity, "Ladies Who Launch" (I've also seen it referred to as "Ladies Who Lunch") was inspired by a Helen Rose outfit.

The face paint and hair color makes this one of my very favorite Integrity dolls; sadly, the body on most of these dolls have gone yellow and crispy. One false move of the arms or legs and you've got a lot of little chipped pieces. Photoshop helped remove the yellow for this post.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Cutie Pie

This 18" immediately became a favorite of mine. When I showed Melissa (aka "The Colonel") a photo of her, she dubbed her "Cutie Pie." With these two images, I think you can see why. All original composition doll from Ideal wearing a red music note dress from the movie "Our Little Girl."

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