Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tonner and the Lost BBQ

I can't say I've been enchanted by the "Lost Costume" sub series that Tonner Dolls have created for their "Gone With the Wind" line, but when I saw "The Lost Barbecue," my feelings changed. Based on the watercolor sketch created by costume designer Walter Plunkett, this outfit never made it to the screen. It is an interesting alternative to the BBQ dress that Vivien Leigh ended up wearing in the final movie.

Tonner has done a great job of staying faithful to the original sketch with both the outfit and the hairstyle.

Of course I have a few gripes. It would have been amazing if Tonner had made the dark green border pattern at the hem of the dress out of velvet instead of part of the print.

It also would have been nice if scale had been paid a bit more attention when creating the velvet waist sash, which seems a bit large for the doll.

One will find the usual amount of sloppy construction techniques with this doll, such as the bow for the hat. Sadly, I have just taken this as the norm for Tonner dolls.

Still, overall this one is a win for me.

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