Monday, December 26, 2016

Manhattans, Anyone?

Gene is getting ready for the New Year's Eve celebration by sampling a delicious Manhattan cocktail.

It's only fitting that she models Manhattan Holiday from 2006 while doing so.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Gene on 5th

Just in time for the holidays, Gene Marshall "It Happened on 5th Ave" is now available for purchase on the Jamieshow website.

Mel and George have collaborated to produce another winner which will be shipping in mid-January.

From the Jamieshow site:

Gene’s navy silk suit is trimmed with white and navy piping at the neckline, notched cuffs and peplum. Full, white sleeves extend to ¾ length, beneath the bell shaped sleeves of the belted jacket. Black, pearl-trimmed gloves and black and white spectator pumps are the accessories for the extremities, with a crisp white boater and teardrop pearls at the ears topping off this warm weather look! Gene’s platinum hair is pulled back into a chignon of soft curls and her makeup is based on the blush of spring’s first kiss.

Seamstress extraordinaire Diane Wagner already did the fashion sleuthing on this one, tracing it to a 1950 Pierre Balmain design:

With a limited edition of 100, it is best not to delay. Go to the Jamieshow website pronto!

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