Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Shirley Rings the Bell

For Christmas 1938, Shirley Temple’s publicity machine posed her as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer. Over 60 years later, the Danbury Mint recreated this vintage shot fairly faithfully for doll collectors. While the dress underneath the cape doesn’t match, they did a darn good job with the sign and bucket. But that face...yikes. Shirley deserved better than that!

More about the dress that Shirley wore underneath the cape in the original photo: it was also worn by Shirley in the 1938 film “Just Around the Corner.” It was sold in the Love, Shirley Temple auction back in 1938 and then sold again through the Nate Sanders Auction House. Here’s how it looked in the movie:

...and how it looked when Sanders was selling it:

Here’s the auction description:

Shirley Temple screen-worn heart dress, worn as ''Penny'' in the 1938 film ''Just Around the Corner''. Designed by Gwen Wakeling, the blue wool dress is pleated and has three hearts on the chest. Attached is a matching short sleeve silk blouse with a leaf and heart design and two prominent red hearts on the collar. Dress has two straps per shoulder and an adjustable belt in back. Measures 12'' across the shoulders with 4'' sleeves and 26'' overall length. Comes with two vintage photographs of Shirley wearing the dress. Near fine condition. With a COA signed by the Shirley Temple estate.

For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope that today is a day full of holiday cheer and loved ones!

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 6

It’s time to bring it on home with the final installment of Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady. As you can see, guests were having a great time. Was there booze involved? Only Wayne & Darin know for sure.

For dinner on Saturday night, Pink Clover was the centerpiece.

Gorgeous hand-embroidery and beading made this one a standout!

Cindy had to get liquored up when she saw it. “How am I going to get this purchase by my husband?!?” Keep on drinking, Cindy! You'll figure it out!

Jackie brought this beautiful doll to showcase at her table, wearing an outfit she created herself:

Table 8. What a great group! I always have the best time with every single one of them.

Linda and Ryan: you never know what these two are up to. So glad I got to meet both of them.

Optional purchase favorites included Opus. What a beauty!

Millionaires was based on a Katharine Hepburn gown from the stage version of “The Philadelphia Story”. It was out of this world; the detailing blew me away.

A presentation on Elizabeth Parke Firestone (the one with her own bank!) was enjoyed by all.

Virtuoso was the big reveal for guests.

Somehow, Sandra managed to capture the intricate pleating and beadwork PERFECTLY, matching the original outfit worn by Firestone herself. Every year, Sandra outdoes herself.

Early on Sunday, a sleepy-eyed group gathered for the final breakfast celebration. The very trendy Reprise outfit was the big reveal.

Violet looked runway-ready in this faux fur ensemble.

One of my favorite parts of the convention is seeing the Inspirations presentation at the end, where guests can see what inspired Sandra’s latest creations.

For those that stayed after breakfast, there was even MORE!! Optional tours included a visit to the house used for exterior shots in the holiday classic “A Christmas Story.”

Can you say “FRAGILE”?

And so another amazing Sandra Stillwell Convention closes. Sandra and Mike (and the slew of volunteers behind the scenes) I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity to share our hobby every year!

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 5

Time for Saturday's lunch event! After my last post's glut of photos, you are probably not even hungry yet. The tables were sent with the centerpiece doll dressed in Templar Garnet. For a closer look, this outfit is fantastic with the jacket...and just as stunning without, as it perfectly hugs the doll's figure!

Gifts abounded, as Michael revealed the fashion titled Libretto:

as well as a scenic backdrop depicting Hywet Hall (doll and outfit not included!):

Optional items for sale included what was probably my favorite outfit of the convention, Whiskey Island:

Michael gave a presentation on Cleveland Connections:

Clark Gable was a native:

As were Dorothy Dandridge and Halle Berry. In fact, Halle Berry's name was inspired by Halle's Department Store! Good thing her parents didn't shop at Target.

We were also treated to a presentation on Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman, who generously donated their collection to Kent State.

The movie “Carmen Jones” starring Dorothy Dandridge followed:

The outfit titled The Nearness of You was inspired by an outfit that Dandridge wore in the film. This ensemble was another favorite of mine:

So many options from this one beautiful ensemble!


See more Sandra Stillwell convention photos at my website. You can order these Sandra Stillwell outfits at her website...while they last!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 4

Saturday morning it was a Mad for Plaid fashion show contest in the Crowne Plaza Ballroom; even RuPaul would have been proud as the contestants “worked it” down the “runway.” Naturally, the centerpiece was titled “Mad for Plaid.” A few shots of the beautiful dressed dolls that were on display at the tables, beginning with Wayne Nilson's incredible creation. I WANT THIS!! And so did everyone else!

Lynne Day brought this beauty:

Another view of the centerpiece:

And then it was time for the contestants to line up. There were two categories: best dressed in plaid, and best dressed doll in plaid.

Florie was the first on the runway:

All wanted to know what was under Wayne's kilt:

Sue Connor was the most MAD of them all, sporting approximately 69 different plaids!!

Work it, Jinky!!

Helen looked sharp in her green plaid with matching doll outfits made by....HELEN HERSELF! I think we have a future fashion designer on our hands!

All the contestants waiting somewhat patiently for the results:

The group of winners and runners up. Why does perky Helen look so down? She mistakenly thought she came in 4th place. Smiles returned once Michael explained that she was in fact 1st runner up in her category!

Sandra revealed our table gift outfit, titled Staccato:

A closer look at our table gift outfit:

Patsy graciously brought in a collection of vintage hats and hatboxes for us to peruse:

Sandra talked about all of the wonderful fashions available for sale/presale:


Who but Sandra would have the vision to turn a fabric of sequined plaid into this very sleek outfit titled Plaiditude:

Michael himself created this beautiful Art Deco photo backdrop of a fireplace screen on display at the Cleveland Art Museum. Fantastic job, Michael!

Phew! I need a break. MORE still to come!

See more Sandra Stillwell convention photos at my website. You can order these Sandra Stillwell outfits at her website...while they last!