Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tonner Sewing Circle

For their 2014 Fall Release, the Tonner Doll company has added another Scarlett O'Hara to their "Gone with the Wind" collection. Once again, my wallet is breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Based on the outfit Scarlett wore in the sewing circle scene, it is very plain.

I am really curious if Tonner sells many of these; are doll collectors that crazy about having each doll/outfit to fork over $200?

Franklin Mint created this outfit for their vinyl doll line many years ago. In comparison to Tonner's, the fabrics seem more appropriate and this outfit also included a little embroidery hoop. Very nice touch.

A screen shot from the actual movie scene:

A publicity still:

with a detailed view of Vivien Leigh wearing the Sewing Circle outfit. Neither Tonner or the Franklin Mint chose to include the shawl that Scarlett had in this scene.

There are so many other interesting outfits that Scarlett wore in the movie that I can't figure out why Tonner chose this one, other than because it would be easy to manufacture.

If interested in finding out more about this doll, visit the Tonner website at: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/gone-wind/sewing-circle

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