Friday, August 31, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 5

Time for Saturday's lunch event! After my last post's glut of photos, you are probably not even hungry yet. The tables were sent with the centerpiece doll dressed in Templar Garnet. For a closer look, this outfit is fantastic with the jacket...and just as stunning without, as it perfectly hugs the doll's figure!

Gifts abounded, as Michael revealed the fashion titled Libretto:

as well as a scenic backdrop depicting Hywet Hall (doll and outfit not included!):

Optional items for sale included what was probably my favorite outfit of the convention, Whiskey Island:

Michael gave a presentation on Cleveland Connections:

Clark Gable was a native:

As were Dorothy Dandridge and Halle Berry. In fact, Halle Berry's name was inspired by Halle's Department Store! Good thing her parents didn't shop at Target.

We were also treated to a presentation on Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman, who generously donated their collection to Kent State.

The movie “Carmen Jones” starring Dorothy Dandridge followed:

The outfit titled The Nearness of You was inspired by an outfit that Dandridge wore in the film. This ensemble was another favorite of mine:

So many options from this one beautiful ensemble!


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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 4

Saturday morning it was a Mad for Plaid fashion show contest in the Crowne Plaza Ballroom; even RuPaul would have been proud as the contestants “worked it” down the “runway.” Naturally, the centerpiece was titled “Mad for Plaid.” A few shots of the beautiful dressed dolls that were on display at the tables, beginning with Wayne Nilson's incredible creation. I WANT THIS!! And so did everyone else!

Lynne Day brought this beauty:

Another view of the centerpiece:

And then it was time for the contestants to line up. There were two categories: best dressed in plaid, and best dressed doll in plaid.

Florie was the first on the runway:

All wanted to know what was under Wayne's kilt:

Sue Connor was the most MAD of them all, sporting approximately 69 different plaids!!

Work it, Jinky!!

Helen looked sharp in her green plaid with matching doll outfits made by....HELEN HERSELF! I think we have a future fashion designer on our hands!

All the contestants waiting somewhat patiently for the results:

The group of winners and runners up. Why does perky Helen look so down? She mistakenly thought she came in 4th place. Smiles returned once Michael explained that she was in fact 1st runner up in her category!

Sandra revealed our table gift outfit, titled Staccato:

A closer look at our table gift outfit:

Patsy graciously brought in a collection of vintage hats and hatboxes for us to peruse:

Sandra talked about all of the wonderful fashions available for sale/presale:


Who but Sandra would have the vision to turn a fabric of sequined plaid into this very sleek outfit titled Plaiditude:

Michael himself created this beautiful Art Deco photo backdrop of a fireplace screen on display at the Cleveland Art Museum. Fantastic job, Michael!

Phew! I need a break. MORE still to come!

See more Sandra Stillwell convention photos at my website. You can order these Sandra Stillwell outfits at her website...while they last!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Sandra Stillwell Sophisticated Lady, Pt. 3

Hang on to your hats, readers, as installment number three promises even more excitement! Friday morning was another early start as we departed for the Western Reserve Museum at Case Western University. What? Another tour? And it's included in the price of the Convention? That's right. Sandra gives you more bang for your buck. Patty Edmonson, Museum Advisory Council Curator of Costume & Textiles gave a fantabulous presentation about Elizabeth Firestone. This lady had bucks; the kind of money that banks would not accept her as a client so the family opened their own bank. And boy did she like the clothes! Mouths dropped as the intricate details of some of these outfits and gowns were paraded around the room for closer inspection.

Upon first look, this one might seem simple, but you when you look at the pleating and the's a wow!

And please remember this plays a part in the convention at a later date.

At first glance, this may just look like a typical vintage dress:

but upon a closer look, you can see that this 1943 creation features war savings stamps as its pattern:

Afterwards, we got to see the Mad for Plaid fashion exhibit. Just one interior shot along the way:

And the fashions:

Two that were worn by Hugh Jackman in “The Greatest Showman”:

The museum also had a Carousel:

Naturally we took a spin around. Go Florie!

I managed a selfie:

Plenty of other things to see here, including a DeLorean:

A miniature of the Cleveland Terminal Tower:

and a ton-o-vintage-automobiles!

Then it was time to rush back to the Crowne Plaza to get everything ready for the Friday night dinner. Entering the ballroom, guests saw that the players had changed in front of Sue Connor's amazing Hywet Hall diorama:

More great Patsy creations at each table setting, including a faithful miniature hatbox from Halle’s Department Store:

The Centerpiece Doll was You Send Me:

Some of my favorite fashions for purchase included Good Golly:

A Fool For You:

and Cleveland Seen:

Some of the dressed dolls at the table included Kelly's Madra wearing a Chris Stoeckel original:

Gene dressed by the incomparable Wayne Nilson:

...and Wayne himself (right) with Larry (left):

Vera’s Gene was also dressed in Stoeckel:

Michael gave an excellent presentation on designer Pauline Trigère:

Our gift for the night was the outfit titled Intermezzo:

The official portrait, which shows the three limited color variations:

After a short break, we returned for The Studio Commissary Party which included a round of Let's Make a Deal.

Rock Around the Clock was available for purchase in white and pink. Ilaria in Italy had created a special wig to go with this outfit. So cute!

And then the games began. It was a battle of the Sisters (Sandy & Janice) and Linda. It all seemed so wonderful at first; Michael offering prizes!

...and then the reveal! Sandy gets Aunt Clara's bunny suit!

And Poor Linda. Wasn't sure if she should pick the small box or the large one, so she reached out to her friend Ryan.

Ryan (and Linda) learned that bigger isn't always better.

The Amazon card in the smaller hatbox. MUCH better!

Last prize. Which to choose?!?

Not learning her lesson from the previous “deal,” Janice chose the larger box. Uh oh.

It’s Lucy!!!

Michael’s big heart took over and gave her a doll dressed in one of his original fashions instead. Is Janice saying thank you, or keep Lucy away from me?

Big heart? Who is kidding who. We all knew Lucy wasn't going anywhere. Poor Chris.

Still more to come!

See more Sandra Stillwell convention photos at my website. You can order these Sandra Stillwell outfits at her website...while they last!