Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Temple Tuesday: This Fabulous Century

Anybody out there remember Time-Life and their plethora of book series? Every month, you'd get a new volume and before you knew it, your library was full. The Civil War, The Old West, World War II, and my very favorite titled This Fabulous Century. I specifically remember the volume that covered the 1930s-1940s and its 4-page spread on Shirley Temple, who I had discovered every Sunday on TV. The first photo in today's post shows two of those pages. I poured over each one countless times and wondered if I would one day have an original Shirley Temple doll...or maybe even a trunk!?!

It took many years before it happened, but yes...dreams do come true. Here's one of my original composition dolls, a creamy 18" model sporting the Music Note dress from the 1935 film "Our Little Girl."

Wearing an original pin, she really is a beauty. Did I ever get a trunk? Stay tuned...

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