Sunday, June 20, 2010

The One That I Want

One of my favorite movies is “Grease” (1978) starring Olivia Newton-John. When I saw that the Gene Convention produced a bald Gene capable of wearing wigs (Daily Threads), I immediately thought of the Sandy Grease doll from the Franklin Mint which came with 2 wigs. One was for Good Sandy (think Sandra Dee!) and the other was for BAD Sandy (what a tramp!). is Gene wearing Olivia Newton-John's famous black spandex outfit from the "You're The One That I Want" number.

Here's Gene posed in front of Venice High School, which was used for the exteriors of Rydell High at the beginning of the movie "Grease."

My overall thoughts on Daily Threads? Well, I was very excited by the concept of being able to change wigs on Gene. But concept and reality are two different things. In my opinion, wigs rarely look natural on a doll, and Daily Threads is no exception. For now, I'll keep her, but other than for shots with outfits that feature a turban or a REALLY funky hairstyle, Daily Threads will not get much use.

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  1. Great use of wig and outfit! Love the High School photo!