Friday, September 10, 2010

Gene as Marceline

When I first a photo of the Gene Marshall doll “Marceline” I assumed it must have had something to do with Marceline, Missouri. Since Marceline was Walt Disney’s hometown (and the outfit was pretty cool, too!), this doll found its way onto my wanted list. When I did finally get Marceline, I was surprised to read the story card, as there was no correlation to the midwest town. She’s still tops in my book, and I decided to photograph her with vintage trains, as her traveling outfit seemed perfectly suited for that.

Excerpt from the “Gene Marshall: May The Love Never End,” by Mel Odom:

Chapter 24: La Petite Colombe. When the opportunity to play French cabaret star Marceline Marcette presenteed itself, Gene Marshall practically flew to Reuben Lillienthal's office. The lift of “La petite colombe” (the little dove) had been an incredible one—a girl of poor beginnings who scaled the heights of the entertainment world in France. That life was filled with glittering parties, romantic intrigue…and an important part in the French Resistance in World War II, it had just been revealed! And now, Mademoiselle Marceline had expressed an interest in having one Miss Gene portray her in a biographical picture—with full access to all the facts. Gene could not have been more honored.

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