Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Triumph Gene

It’s funny what will change my mind about a particular doll or outfit. I wasn’t crazy about the final Convention Triumph outfit; I was even less crazy about the doll. However, I remember reading on one blog or board about how the Triumph outfit coordinated perfectly with Dreamy Trent’s tie. Sigh...

At least I didn’t change my mind about the doll. I felt that her facial paint (especially the eyebrows) was just too severe and bitchy looking for the character of Gene Marshall. So instead, I used a Gene that I already had to model this concoction of hot pink. Hairdo by Kathy of Oregon (she does great work; you can email her at sewkj@pcez.com).

Excerpt from “Gene Marshall: May The Love Never End,” by Mel Odom:

The headline had been simple but effective “Triumph.” Beneath the heading was an enormous photo of Gene Marshall, wearing the kind of gown that beautiful women wear to accept accolades in, looking radiant. The night before Gene had been honored with the top award her industry could bestow on her. Her performance in “Blue Avenue” had to be one of the most universally praised performances of the year. In a difficult and potentially unsympathetic role, Gene had impressed critics with a subtle and moving portrayal. A new sophistication was noted in her screen persona, as well perhaps as a sense of a private life perhaps spilling over into an artistic one. The long unmarried actress gave the role of an adulterous client in love with her divorce lawyer a grace and sympathy that lead many a movie-goer to wonder where the acting ended and the actress began.

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