Friday, April 15, 2011

Cognac Evening

Even though it took awhile for me to finally shoot it, Cognac Evening is one of my favorite Gene Marshall outfits. I love the color...the sheen of the fabric. José Ferrand hit a home run as far as I'm concerned on this circa 1951 ensemble, released in 1999.

From the story card:

During visits back home in Cos Cob, Gene was always happy to accept an invitation to enjoy a reception at the governor's mansion. As one of Connecticut’s most famous “children,” she relished the opportunity to sit with friends and catch up on events in her home state.

Tonight, resplendent on the arm of the state representative from her district, Gene once again proved the perfect guest: listening intently as the others spoke of their experiences adjusting to life in Connecticut since the War; regaling the party with stories of the lighter side of film making; sharing heartfelt moments of nostalgia.

Later, as the others settled in to enjoy cognac, cigars, and tea in the library, Gene politely excused herself. The trip back to Cos Cob needed to be made, and her train to California left much too early from New York City’s Grand Central Station the next day.

As she started to leave, the governor warmly took her gloved hand in his own. “Gene,” he said, “you’ve added just the right touch to the gathering. You are truly one of Connecticut's finest exports.”

Gene felt her blue eyes start to get a little misty. For even though she was the toast of Hollywood, a world-traveler, and adored by millions, at heart she was still always little Katie Marshall from Cos Cob—and tonight, that's exactly who she wanted to be.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog entry googling this ensemble. I do not own a Gene doll currently. How was "Cognac Evening" packaged? I would like to try and find her on ebay, but I am only finding the outfit. Which Gene doll is wearing it here, and did her hair come styled so beautifully? Thank you.

  2. Hi Lizzie - Cognac Evening came separately as an outfit only package. The doll I used here is "A Touch of Hospitality" and is shown with her original hair set. If you visit my Gene Marshall web page and scroll down to the 2004 section, you can see this doll in her original outfit:

    Thanks for checking out my blog!