Monday, November 14, 2011

Holly Golightly debut

The first doll in Integrity's "Breakfast at Tiffany's"/Holly Golightly series has been released. Called "Crazy for Tiffany's," this doll depicts how Holly looked on her date with her rich Brazilian boyfriend, José da Silva Pereira (played by José Luis de Vilallonga).

The doll looks very much like the publicity shots that were released. On the plus side, the construction of the outfit is impeccable. The dress blows away the Mattel versions and makes them look extremely cheap. Integrity shows that clothes for a 12" doll need not be ill-fitting and poorly constructed. The purse, jewelry, and shoes are made perfectly to scale and make this doll appear as if she just stepped out of the 1961 movie.

Except for the face. I totally understand that Integrity wasn't licensed to do Audrey Hepburn's face. But for once...just once...could they do a different sculpt that doesn't have overblown lips and half-shut eyes? Even if Audrey couldn't be re-created, they could at least attempt to capture her loveable humor and charm. This doll has zilcho charm in my book. And don't even try to pose her without the stand; this doll with the "Kitten Heel" foot will topple over no matter how you try. Is it that hard to design a shoe that will balance these gals? At least on the dolls with flexible ankles you might stand a chance. Not this one though.

The presentation of the box is lovely, and the extra pair of hands are a nice bonus. I will be looking forward to the other releases in this series.

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