Wednesday, October 3, 2012

James Dean by Tonner

Since his tragic death in 1955, James Dean has become more iconic with the passing of each year. Now that they've done Marilyn Monroe, it's not too surprising that Tonner would tackle her 50's male counterpart. Naturally, they chose to do Dean in his classic "Rebel Without a Cause" outfit of the red windbreaker, jeans, and biker boots.

When Tonner released photos yesterday, I will admit I was disappointed. The outfit looks good, so I'll give a plus for that. The waist seems a bit high though, making this cool iconic outfit seem a bit dorky.

The biggest offense is the sculpt of the face.

Dean had a very thin build, and the face on Tonner's Dean is just too wide.

With a little photoshop, you can see a big improvement. I also shortened the sideburns for the sake of accuracy as well. I do give credit for rooted hair vs. a wig, which would really have made this doll look silly.

I just have to wonder who checks the sculpt and paint on these dolls? Comparing photos with the sculpt can't be that hard.

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  1. I felt the same way he's too nice looking. I wish he had more of an edge...

  2. I agree - he's a little too pretty. It looks like they took an existing sculpt and just painted it a bit differently.

  3. I was really disappointed too. I set aside money to get this but now it looks like I will have extra cash after all!

    I agree with Davelandweb - this doll looks no different from the Matt doll Tonner already has. It's so far off James Dean it shouldn't even be allowed! Epic fail!

  4. Daphne - I had the same thought too. Although I am disappointed, my wallet is ecstatic!

  5. Sometimes you wonder if Tonner is too busy, hire another sculptor. Seriously. To me MM was a big disappointment, but since she was prepared for the Tonner convention, we couldn't issue any feedback, since she was essentially launched.

    If this is going to be the James Dean doll, without a major resculpt, I see money saved here. All Tonner needed to do was look at Mattel's JD doll. Even with molded hair, so much better than the promo pics.

    Also- Maybe Tonner should consider a thinner male body with a thinner neck (or even thinner chest-plate), ala Antoinette/ Cami. I think that the thinner body could work here.

  6. Steve - You are preaching to the choir! Like you, I am trying to look at it as a savings for my wallet!

  7. LOL!! I really WANTED to like MM and James Dean- REALLY!! At least MM can be tweaked with a repainter's or Photoshop hand. But that would mean buying the doll AND paying an artist to repaint her. Not practical in this economy.

    James Dean? Strictly resculpt if there is time. Not crazy about the new Matt, either.

    Now if your Photoshop version of JD were to become Matt....... $$$$$$ Don't know how much Tonner is willing to invest in the Tyler Dynasty at this point.

  8. I think Mattel did the best James Dean doll. The gaunt face of JD isn't there. Well, Tonner may just redo. They often have in the past. Hoping they get it right this time around (if ever)