Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gene Marshall: Sparkling Seduction

Released in 1997, this circa 1948 outfit was designed by Shelley Rinker, a Young Designers of America winner. The doll modeling this faux fur-trimmed outfit is 2001's Lovely In Lace.

From the story card:

One benefit of being a leading Hollywood actress is being able to choose the parts you want to play...and finding characters that bring out aspects of your personality that may not be so obvious to your fans.

So it is that Gene looked forward to her leading role in the film Sparkling Seduction. This is a detective story with a different point of view, because it's Gene, and not some male star in a rumpled trench coat, who is playing the detective!

The plot has many twists, turns, and surprises. At the beginning of the film, Gene is hired by the suspicious wife of a Hollywood studio mogul to investigate his alleged infidelities. But it soon becomes clear that the man is innocent...and targeted for murder! What's more, Gene finds herself falling in love with him as she tries to unravel the murder plot. In one climactic (and memorably romantic!) scene, Gene, keeping a midnight rendezvous, sweeps into the room wearing this magnificent gown and fur-trimmed cape. Her form-fitting sheath sparkles with applied pailettes and cascades into a furled film "gumshoe" was ever this glamorous...and the public just loves Gene's portrayal!

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