Monday, April 15, 2013

Rising From The Ashes

Gene is back, and this time, JAMIEshow has got her! The limited edition of 150, titled "Phoenix," sold out quickly; those (like me) who took time to consider the $550 purchase had that decision made for them.

Pros: I LOVE the new resin body. The shading, the quality of the material, and the articulation.

Cons: The face paint just seems a bit bland to me; not sure how to put it into words, but it seems to be lacking the stylistic art deco quality that AD and IT's dolls had. Granted, the IT dolls used more shading, but those Genes still seemed to have a bit more personality. I am also not crazy about the high forehead, which is (most likely) because of the wig caps. Still, a good hairstyle could cover that up with no problem.

So how about you? Are you as excited as I am to know that Gene has risen from the ashes?

FOLLOW-UP: Kudos to George from Jamieshow, who quickly answered my questions despite having just flown back from IDEX. He assured me that the forehead is not any higher than the other Genes, and he also answered my questions about staining:

Yellowing is not an issue like Vinyl, staining is possible but simply washes off with a little soap and water, since resin is not porous like Vinyl it will not penetrate the skin.

I have to admit I am now sorry that I didn't act quicker in attempting to acquire one of these beauties. The photos that the new owners have posted on some of the boards are just beautiful.

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