Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do You Adore "J'Adore"?

Even though there has been no official announcement yet, Fashion Doll Quarterly has SOLD at least 62 72 82 OUT! "J'Adore" within the last hour out of the 100 that are available. On top of that, there is no official photo accompanying the PDF text on the FDQ website. It would not be a stretch to say that this doll will be sold out by the end of the day if not sooner. I think this speaks volumes for the demand for Gene Marshall. The photo in this post was skillfully hidden in the background of the PDF on FDQ (oh, the acronyms!). However, as Pat Henry from FDQ told me, "It's an early sample on an IT Gene." Please do not think that this is the exact doll or outfit that you will be purchasing if you got one. Here's the description, which fits the photo:

For day, Dior presented a chic wool suit, along with a fabulous chapeaux that framed her heart shaped face, along with slender pumps and black gloves.

The cocktail dress whispered Dior with the subtle detail of his signature bows and the fabulous fur wrap could be buttoned up into a muff for daytime wear.

On the FDQ order section of the site, the description reads:

Now is your chance to pre-order this amazing new giftset from JamieShow and Mel Odom! This giftset is designed by original Gene Team member Doug James, inspired by the master himself, Christian Dior. Set includes doll with new facepaint, alternate hands, wig cap, two ensembles and accessories.

NOTE: This doll is a resin, ball-jointed Gene doll. LE100

The photo looks more like an Integrity doll than a Jamieshow one, which is probably why it was used as a faint background image. What do you think of "J'Adore" so far? BTW: if you are attempting to purchase "J'Adore," I recommend skipping the paypal option vs. the credit card one, as it appears the site gets buggy with paypal. UPDATE: Pat Henry from FDQ has sent out a message stating that she has held back some "J'Adore"s for when the magazine is published this summer.

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  1. Dave: It looks like you must have received one of the new Gene dolls as I see one pictured in your 2003 collection of Genes wearing "Derby Eve." She is absolutely STUNNING! How is the body? I have an Eshe Jamieshow doll who can barely stand up and does not hold poses well at all. Is the Gene better for posing?
    Thanks for sharing, Michele

  2. Hi Michele - The BJD version of Gene is fantastic; the only time I've had an issue with her holding a pose is when I had her stockings on. Otherwise, she is great.