Thursday, August 22, 2013

White Orchid Surfaces

After almost a month of anticipation, Jamieshow's latest Gene Marshall creation has surfaced...and she's a winner.

When I read the description, I figured I'd at least keep the wig, possibly the outfit, and then sell the doll. Why would I need a third ball-jointed Gene?

After seeing the photos, I can tell you why. Her eyebrows are a delicious shade of milk chocolate brown. Her eyes are giving a pensive side glance; this time to the right (J'Adore was to the left).

And the wig that gorgeous raven black color, it doesn't even look like a wig. Gene looks like she's channeling Hedy Lamarr, or Joan Bennett, or any number of other luscious 1940's pinups from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

George Gonzalez has made her much easier to order, too, with a 3-payment option.

Don't delay though, as the 3-payment plan expires on September 1. Follow this link to order your own Jamieshow Gene.

Did I happen to mention that Mel Odom himself designed the outfit? I believe this is the first Mel designed outfit ever released for Gene.

BTW: If you live in Canada, do not despair! George has you covered as well; there are a few White Orchids available through the My Favorite doll website.

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