Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gene Marshall: Almost a Hitchcock Blonde

Most people know of Alfred Hitchcock's affinity for cool blondes. Tippi Hedren is one of his most famous, having burst onto the scene in "The Birds," Hitch's 1963 classic. The photos from today's post show that Gene Marshall could have given Tippi a run for the money. In photo one, Star Entrance Gene borrows Phoenix's outfit while allowing a crow to pose on her arm.

Photo two finds Gene in Bodega Bay, taking a smoke and beverage break outside of the elementary school used in the film.

Here Gene recreates the famous attic scene. Don't open that door, Gene! Oops...too late...

The last two photos show Gene re-creating two images from Tippi's Look Magazine cover shoot.

The talented Kathy Johnson restyled Star Entrance's hair to make her look just like Tippi and the amazing Diane Wagner created the three-piece green suit that Gene is wearing.

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