Monday, January 27, 2014

Betrayal: So Many Choices!

I first spotted Madame Alexander's "Betrayal" outfit on one of my favorite blogs, Melissa's Couture Touch. It was a case of instant enablement. I decided to add a cocktail and black-gloved hands from Jamieshow to liven things up a bit.

In color or glorious black and white, I dig this ensemble which is so reminiscent of something 30's screen legend Jean Harlow would have worn.

Gene is a knockout in her wig cap, restyled by Kathy Johnson of Oregon.

With the addition of a black fur wrap and cigarette holder (not lit of course, because our gal Gene would never inhale!):

Switching out the black gloves and black wrap for white ones, I don't think I care for them as much.

Still, either way, Gene is a beauty!

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  1. There was a series of porcelain dolls manufactured "by" Tonner for The Knickerbocker Company prior to his purchasing it that I believe were sold via mail. They were all female film stars of the 1930s (Joan Crawford, Mae West, Jean Harlow?, Carole Lombard...). While the dolls were the film's characters rather than "authorized likenesses" the clothes--two in particular, a cream satin slip dress and pink beaded number with boa--are stunning and Very, Very Gene. The Dollmarket had them for $20! each when they were finally clearanced. I had forgotten entirely about the Alex 30s "murder mystery" series this black gown comes from!

  2. So when are you going to take the plunge & get Greed (the Paris Williams outfit in gold) and Desire (the Jadde Lee outfit in red)? They're both excellent but be careful because Desire's red runs a bit (the wraparound tails on Jadde's arms tend to make the limbs pink-ish)

    Did I mention each of these 3 dolls is wigged (in period 1930s style, glued on but removable with a bit of know how and some patience) so you might get some great hair for a bald dolly to boot!

  3. Hi Anonymous - I managed to land the Carole Lombard doll/outfit (the cream satin dress you mentioned); kept the outfit, sold the doll. I wasn't quite as crazy about the others in the series.

    VDO: I can't say I'm really fond of Greed or Desire, but I am keeping my eye out for Blackmail!