Sunday, May 24, 2015

All Glammed Up: 20 Years of Gene

Last night in Chicago, the 20th Anniversary Gene Marshall doll was unveiled and she's a stunner. Black Lipstick was unveiled with a black and white video; when the video went to color, and the doll stayed in the same unsaturated tones, the gasps from the audience revealed that she was indeed a Gray Lady! The last Gray Lady Gene was released in 2007, and she is a highly coveted doll, often fetching thousands of dollars when she comes up for sale (which is rare). The first photo is by George Gonzalez.

In honor of Gene's birthday, I did a little photo session using J'Adore, wearing a wig cap styled by Kathy Johnson. She is dressed in the Ivy Jordan Integrity outfit from 2009, "All Glammed Up."

Based on a Jean Louis outfit worn by Joan Crawford in 1955's "Queen Bee," it is truly a dress for drama.

Here are some of the other gems from the "Le Jazz Hot" Jamieshow Convention with photos by George Gonzalez. A nod to Lauren Bacall:

Wearing a lavender version of the same gown:


Trent in gray:


See more Gene Marshall Doll photos on my regular website.

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