Monday, November 16, 2015

Plum Role

I avoided this 2008 Gene Marshall doll from Integrity because of the pixie haircut; not a fan of it on Gene. But…I do like the outfit; especially the shoes, so recently I caved in and dipped into Gene's purse to buy it.

From the IT website:

Gene nabs the plum role in this three-piece satin finish cocktail suit. Styled with an abbreviated bolero jacket sporting three-quarter sleeves and an expansive circular collar, our trim suit is a lovely exercise in three-color harmony. The jacket and skirt are cut of the deepest shade of plum and paired with sparkling white in the satin blouse and accessories of white ‘leather’ gloves (note: the actual gloves that came with the outfit were satin) and smart pillbox hat.

White, trimmed in black shoes and bag complete the accessories and a nosegay of small white blooms is pinned to the jacket or perhaps at the waistband of the skirt. Gene’s brunette pixie-cut is punctuated by gold earrings. It’s a smart girl in a smart suit that catches the plum role.

From the Star File Script:

Gene was on Cloud Nine -- maybe Cloud Ten!

It seemed like only the other day that Dr. and Mrs. Marshall had bundled her off to New York for a holiday and to see the long-running, ever-popular play "Green Eyes." And now, here Gene was, in Hollywood, starring in the movie version as Nora, the little innocent in the Big Bad World of publishing.

In a way, it was a little like Life reflects Art!

Standing on a small box in the costume shop, expected to be still while the fitters flittered around her with tape measures and pins, Gene had time to stop thinking about playing Nora and reflect a little on herself and how much she and Nora were alike.

"After all," Gene thought, "I AM still pretty naive when it comes to the game playing and politics of the Movie Biz."

But over teh short time she'd been in Tinsel Town, she'd come to know who to trust, whome to doubt — and who was actually a sheep in wolf's clothing (aka, Madra Lord).

And just like Nora, she knew that she was where she should be. And she also knew that she would continue to succeed-and she smiled in anticipation of what she hoped would be a long and lustrous career as the thing she'd always dreamed of being -- a REAL movie STAR!

"There, finished!" said the head fitter, just as the costumer came through the door of the shop to survey the work that had been done.

"Perfect, as usual." said the costumer. Bit then again, Gene, you are indeed one of my favorite stars to dress -- you were MADE for the mvoies, and for the role of Nora!"

At that, Gene smiled a glorious smile.

"What are you thinking?" asked the head fitter.

"Just that I feel a little like Jack Horner," giggled Gene. "But I've pulled out a Plum... Role!!"

In other Gene news, it's definitely not too early to register for May 2016's Jamieshow Convention in Chicago. There are a limited amount of tickets available, and those who snooze…will definitely lose!

For more information and registration, visit the 2016 Hollywood Canteen Convention site.

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