Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gene: Blue Goddess

“Blue Goddess” really reminds me of Lana naturally I had to get it. Again, I was going to ditch the doll and use the outfit on "Hello Hollywood" but once it arrived, I changed my mind...partially because I was too lazy to remove the outfit, and partially because the hairstyle was just different enough between the two that I relented. Part of the 1996 collection, "Blue Goddess" was designed by Tim Kennedy and is circa 1945. From the storycard:

Your film career has established you so firmly as a star that public and critics alike eagerly await each new film. Now you welcome the chance to star in a different kind of film, a thrilling mystery with an international setting. And you also love the opportunity to wear a particularly exquisite gown that is created for you in this new and exciting role!

In Blue Goddess, Gene plays a level-headed banker's daughter who gets caught up in a story of international intrigue. Unwittingly, she becomes the accomplice of a gang of clever jewel thieves who plan to steal the famous and fabulous "Blue Goddess" gem of the film's title. However, it becomes clear after the film's premiere to critical acclaim that the name "Blue Goddess" also is meant to apply to Gene as she appears in one of her most stunning film costumes ever.

Because Blue Goddess was one of Gene's first films in color, this unique evening gown was designed to match the distinctive color of Gene's eyes! The gown and attached stole are tailored of diaphanous aquamarine chiffon, draped simply but sensuously across the bodice and hips. So skillful is the workmanship of the fabric that the gown requires just a hint of beading and the addition of coordinating aqua jewelry to achieve its unforgettable effect on screen. Truly, this is the film image that forever established Gene as a "goddess" in the eyes of her fans.

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