Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gene: It’s A Cinch

At first I resisted what was supposed to be the last Gene Marshall doll, entitled “It’s A Cinch.” As I’ve stated many times before, the design of the Jason Wu/Integrity Gene Marshalls doesn’t hold as much interest for me as the original Ashton Drake version. I believe they deviate too far from the Mel Odom stylized Deco drawings that first inspired her creation. After seeing some actual photos of this doll and through the miracle of ebay, I was able to purchase a complete outfit for a very reasonable price without the doll. Perfect! Oddly enough, I was watching “I Love Lucy” the other night and saw Vivian Vance's character, Ethel Mertz, wearing a similar outfit (one that Lucy called "tacky"!). However, Ethel didn’t have the green felt hat, bracelet, or gorgeous emerald earrings to accessorize with. Here she is for your viewing pleasure, modeled by a Love Paris doll. Excerpt from "Gene Marshall: May The Love Never End" by Mel Odom:

The maitre d’ at the podium was all agog. The little eatery/drinkery was used to a modest clientele—but when a star of Gene’s ranking dropped by, it was an EVENT!

"Miss Marshall! What an honor and a privilege. When the ladies of the Children’s Hospital Committee told me that I would know when their guest arrived, I never expected…"

"Now you just stop!" Gene’s gentle voice had just a tinge of underlying mirth. "After all, I’m JUST one of the girls! Now, if you could show me where the REST of the girls have set up camp…"

Gene was escorted to a quiet corner past the bar, where the ladies of the Children’s Hospital Committee met monthly over a friendly cocktail.

"Miss Marshall!" the chairwoman said in a quiet voice, so as not to call attention to their special guest. "How splendid of you to join us today!"

"Please, we’re all friends here, working for a good cause. I’m Gene." she said removing her hat.

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