Monday, July 26, 2010

Dreamy Trent

I wasn’t terribly crazy about this Trent outfit from the Stardust Convention; but I was very curious to see if Integrity had added any articulation since this was their first Trent doll. When I got the doll, I realized that the Ashton Drake molds had been used...or else this was just leftover AD stock that had been freshly painted. Although disappointed about the lack of new articulation, I think I prefer the Integrity paint job. The highlights in the eyes bring it closer to a Mel Odom drawing. I was also pleasantly surprised when I removed “Dreamy Trent’s” suit jacket; I loved his vest! And of course the shoes were way cool, too. One question though—what happened to Trent’s name? At Ashton Drake, he was Trent Osborn; with Integrity, his last name is now Osborne.

From the story card, which is an excerpt from “Trent Osborne Remembers Hollywood by Mel Odom”:

“Yes, that’s true. I was Gene Marshall’s date for the premier of ‘Blond Lace’. Of course, it was a studio-arranged thing and we rode in the same car as Dr. and Mrs. Marshall. I was also a bit older than her too, so you really couldn’t consider it a date in any true, romantic sense. I was in a new tux, very spiffy looking, when I picked her up in the limo from the bungalow she was sharing with Vee…I mean Ivy Jordan. Then, we drove to where her parents were staying while Dr. Marshall was in town. Dr. Marshall was there for the premiere. Mrs. Marshall had been in Hollywood a cople of times since Gene got there, mostly to watch out for her and made sure no one got to their little lamb. And Gene, when she first came to the coast was really that, a little lamb. Sooo pretty, so unselfconscious about it. And smart. She didn’t miss anything; you could almost see her recording it all in that pretty head, everything that was happening around her, especially on set. She wanted to know everything, the lights, the way the sound worked, just everything.

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