Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ivy “Vee J.” Jordan: Moss Rose

Loved the outfit, and liked the doll; I decided that one Ivy Jordan doll was enough for my collection, so the Moss Rose outfit found itself on my Pink and Pearls doll. The purse is something that Ivy borrowed from Gene.

From the story card, which is an excerpt from The Moss Rose movie description from Classic Flicks Network:

“Moss Rose” was a rare starring vehicle for Ivy Jordan. Long accustomed to wisecracking best friend and character roles, Ivy was thrilled to be asked to star in this romance drama set in the glamorous world of fashion magazines. As the title character, Ivy was required to wear a succession of flattering outfits designed to represent what the American working girl wished her professional wardrobe could be. Moss’s climb up through the corporate world of fashion publishing is played against her relationships with two men, the wealthy boss of the publishing company and a jazz musician she befriends while working as an assistant on a fashion shoot. Ivy relished the chance to display her acting chops in tandem with two of Hollywood’s most appealing leading men, while looking nothing less than spectacular.

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