Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blush Gene: A new hairdo and a Tonner outfit

With both the Ashton Drake Simply Genes and the Integrity Essentially Genes, these dolls are created with the intention that their hair could be styled by the owners. Essentially Blush Gene came with dark raven hair, woven together in a long braid. Since styling hair is not one of my talents, I enlisted the help of Kathy. In case you haven’t seen the intricate dioramas that she has created as well as the miniature hair salon photos that she has posted, well...get your butt over to this url:

In the first few photos here (taken by Kathy herself), you can see Gene’s visit to the salon as she was transformed from plain braids to a va-va-voom 1960’s up-do! I couldn’t have been more pleased with Kathy’s skill at styling.

Here’s Gene wearing a Robert Tonner outfit called Jonquil Sass, designed for the Monica Merrill line.

As with my other Tonner outfits, I do love the concept and design, but as for the actual fit and craftsmanship, it doesn’t hold a candle to Ashton-Drake or Integrity.

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