Saturday, August 14, 2010

Zita Charles: City Sleeker

Zita Charles joins the rest of the Monolithic Pictures crew today, wearing “City Sleeker.” From the official Gene Marshall website, here is Zita’s story:

As a major star of the late silent era, Zita Louise (as she was then called) was the epitome of the Jazz Age glamour. Known as the "Too Much Girl", Zita forged a reputation as a party girl and was a favorite of the Hollywood gossip columns. Counts and "princes" seemed always to be proposing to her in front of a fountain while the cameras were rolling. Everyone and anyone just wanted to be with Zita Charles! With her vampish look, sassy style and elegant vintage inspired gowns.

With her streak of white hair, Zita looks like a distant cousin to Elsa Lanchester in “The Bride of Frankenstein.” This is definitely my fave Zita doll, and since I am attempting to limit myself to one doll for Zita, this is the one I chose.

My one gripe on this one is the jewelry; dang does it seem cheap. The bracelet broke as soon as I got it; beads everywhere. I had to buy some extra matching ones and then get out the needle and thread to put it back together. The necklace also looks like a cheap tangled mess, and is not easy to handle. On the plus side: love the outfit, love the hairdo, and I also like Zita. Therefore, it all balances out!

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