Monday, January 10, 2011

Bette gets a new face and do

Tonner did a nice job with the Bette Davis sculpt, but the face paint and hair are more reflective of the early 1930’s Bette Davis look than the classic 1950’s face that most people are familiar with. “All About Eve” (1950) is one of her most famous roles, and with the acquisition of the Madra Lord "All About Eve" screen test trunk, I decided it was time to do a little repainting! First, I sent Bette (Sealing the Deal, shown above) to Kathy's Hair Salon in Oregon for a new do, then I did a little repaint work on her face. I spent less than an hour reworking her eyebrows and eyes and was somewhat pleased with the results.

The dress won't fasten in back, but for the sake of these photos it didn’t really matter.

Here’s a painting I did many moons ago of Bette from the same movie; it was used by her hometown to promote a Bette film festival:

In home video news, "All About Eve" is about to be released on Blu-ray! Follow my Gene Marshall, Madra Lord, Zita Charles, Violet Waters, Trent Osborn, and other classic movie star doll updates on Twitter. See more Gene Marshall photos at my regular website.

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  1. fabulous repaint Dave!!! She does have that Bette attitude now. I was thinking of getting one for a Jezebel and now I'm beginning to think about it. Congratulations on the wonderful hairstyle too! She's a much, much, better Bette!!