Monday, January 17, 2011

For Dennis: Butterfly Shadow

When this doll came out, I easily resisted it. I wasn't crazy about the dress, the hairdo, or anything else about it. Flash forward to a post by Gene fan Dennis and a follow-up email, he talked me into getting it. I found it at an extremely low price and couldn’t pass it up. This is what we call “enabling” in the world of collecting.

Is it one of my faves? Definitely not. However, for the price I paid for it and the fact that it’s the last Ashton-Drake Gene Marshall, sure...I’m glad I have it. She has grown on me and I am sure she will bjavascript:void(0)e a good model in a number of other Gene outfits that I own.

Gene begins this post posing in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

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