Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bon Bon

Released in 2003, this Fan Appreciation doll called “Bon Bon” was released in a limited edition of 500, designed by Van Craig. I prefer this circa 1944 showgirl costume over Birds of Paradise.

The doll shown here is actually the bald Integrity Convention Doll “Daily Threads.” I knew she'd come in handy! Gene now looks like she’s ready for The Moulin Rouge.

From the story card:

In the 1944 thriller Bon Bon, Gene Marshall once again surprised and thrilled her fans.

The film tells the story of a famous demimonde and cabaret artiste named Bon Bon. But although Bon Bon's public image is that of a high-living showgirl, Bon Bon has been secretly recruited as a freedom-fighter for the Underground and is one of its most dedicated members. Her mission is to pass information, coded into the musical numbers she performs for all her adoring fans—and for her one mysterious contact in the audience.

All goes well—until enemy agents uncover Bon Bon's double life. In a breath-catching, heart-clutching chase, Bon Bon races back to the theatre with vital information, pursued by her gun-wielding foes.

The chase climaxes with an incredible production number. Bon Bon breathlessly arrives in her dressing room, jams a chair against the door and snatches her costume from the hanger. As her pursuers pound on the door, Bon Bon hurries through a side door and down into the lower corridors under the stage.

Above, the show is in progress, as a large candy box center stage slowly opens to reveal its contents: frilled paper cups filled with “truffles”—a bevy of showgirls in spangled ruffles. Changed and ready, Bon Bon steps onto the platform that will lift her up and through the center of the candy box to deliver her coded message. But just as the lift starts, a shot rings out. Bon Bon clutches her shoulder as she rises up and out of sight, away from her pursuers—but has she the strength to perform—and deliver her precious information?

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