Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dance With Me

Lynne Day designed this circa 1948 sparkler that was released in 2000. Fashion Plot Gene is the model.

From the story card:

The film She'd Rather Dance left audiences swinging and swaying. A beautiful blend of song and dance and drama and smiles, it was a perfect vehicle for Gene to show off her dancing and acting skills.

The story revolves around a young Boston socialite who shocks the upper set (and delights Broadway audiences) by devoting her energies to dancing instead of stodgy afternoon teas. In a pivotal moment early in the picture, Gene is seen at a stuffy society cotillion. As the other socialites chatter around her, she becomes more and more bored.

Finally, she can take it no more—she crosses the dance floor and heads for the conductor's podium. A quick whispered conference with the conductor, a tap of the baton…and the music starts to sizzle with the musical invitation "Dance With Me."

Like a coppery flame, Gene ignites the dance floor, underskirts fanning the fire. "Dance with me," she croons—and her Bostonian beaux willingly comply. Surrounded by Boston's Best and Brightest, Gene trips the light fantastic, bringing disgruntled glares from dateless debs—and catching the eye of a famous Broadway producer who just happens to be the guest of Gene's black-sheep-of-the-family uncle.

The number ends in a flourish, with Gene perched atop the shoulders of a tuxedoed tower. As she steps down onto the dance floor, the producer approaches, a daring question poised on his lips…

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  1. Lovely! I think Fashion Plot is my favorite blonde Gene.

    I've been debating hunting this fashion down for my Caribbean Kiss Gene - I'm not sure if the burnt orange will go well with the coral lipstick on that doll, but I think I may just save it for Fashion Plot.

  2. Thanks, Bree. Fashion Plot has such a sweet expression. She is definitely one of my favorite Gene models!