Sunday, January 22, 2012

Receiving Guests with Melanie

One of my favorite scenes in "Gone With The Wind" is where Rhett forces Scarlett to attend Ashley's birthday party so that the town gossips will not be able to talk about her indiscretion from earlier in the day.

As they get to Ashley & Melanie's home, Rhett informs her that he will be going elsewhere and she is to attend alone. Watching Vivien Leigh's face go from horror to haughty pride in a few seconds is like a living lesson from the Actor's Studio.

Although Franklin Mint released a version of this outfit for their vinyl doll, Robert Tonner was the first to do a dressed 16" version complete with hairstyle.

Overall, this really is a beautiful doll; a few flaws can be found but those are the ones I expect from a Tonner doll: cheap jewelry that is definitely not screen accurate and somewhat shoddy craftsmanship when it comes to the details. Naturally, the white lining shows (I retouched it out of a few of the photos). The faux plastic crystals are also not up to the caliber of the Swarovski crystals that the Franklin Mint used on Scarlett's dress.

Still, for those Scarlett fans that aren't mired by the nitpicky details, this one is still a beauty.

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