Thursday, March 8, 2012

Franklin Mint Business Woman

I have been purging my collection, getting rid of outfits/dolls I'm not enthused about, or costumes I have doubles of. Originally, I was buying both Tonner and Franklin Mint costumes, but for the sake of space, decided a little editing was in order. I sold the Tonner version of this outfit and kept the Franklin Mint, as it is definitely much more authentic to the movie version that Scarlett wore when she visited the lumber mill and allowed her foreman to hire convicts.

I did my best to match the pose of Vivien Leigh in the original publicity still, but because of the lack of articulation, this was the best I could do.

Franklin Mint is now out of the doll biz, so it is up to Tonner to carry the torch. The photos of their upcoming new Scarletts are promising!

Maybe I'll revisit this outfit a third time with Gene Marshall and open my photos up to the fun of articulation!

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