Friday, March 2, 2012

Holly Golightly: How Do I Look? Pt. 1

The last three dolls that I ordered in the Holly Golightly line from Integrity Toys arrived last week from favorite seller Doll Peddlar; it was like Christmas! With a short amount of time for a photoshoot, I did the one that appeared the easiest.

No gloves, no difficult jewelry to maneuver (at least for this particular look). The two cigarette holders that come with this set are a blast! Sorry to burst your bubble, but the smoke in the photos is not included in the set!

As always, the fit and tailoring of the outfits is impeccable from Integrity. I've stated my one disappointment before, and that would be with the sculpt of the face. I am SO glad that Integrity has chosen to use Poppy Parker's face for the future Audrey "Sabrina" dolls. Poppy embodies the essence of Hepburn much better than the sculpt they chose for the "BAT" line.

More photos to come...

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  1. Hey Dave! Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy the blog! I've been checking it out fairly regularly for a while now and I just love it all! Keep it up :) I have a rather small collection of celebrity/fashion dolls myself and I hope to have one like yours someday!

    Like you I have also been purchasing some of the integrity BAT line and I think its just fabulous! Of course the face is "ehh" like you've said before but I think its bearable. I just saw this past week that integrity is launching a Sabrina line in June and I'm in love! Im sososoo excited.. its perfect! I was just contemplating trying to make my own by restyling a BAT doll and creating outfits but you can't beat the upcoming line!!

    Ok, wow, sorry for rambling!! But I love the blog and can't wait for more posts :)


  2. Alex - I have a feeling the Sabrina line will be a big hit, especially since it uses the Poppy Parker sculpt. Thanks for checking out my blog!