Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Tonner GWTW

Today, the Tonner Doll Company released some preview images of their upcoming 2015 Mainline Collection. The ones I was most interested in were the two "Gone with the Wind" dolls. And then I saw the photos. The doll titled "I'll Never Be Hungry Again" is a rehash of the Franklin Mint Muslin Battlefield doll, which now fetches very good prices on ebay.

On the Tonner version, the pattern of the dress is out of scale as well as the size of the dress itself. Just too much darn fabric. This seems to be a consistent issue with most of the Scarlett releases I have seen from Tonner.

The doll used in the preview photos looks as if it is wearing a wig, despite the fact that the description says it has rooted hair. Wig or rooted, it is ghastly.

Here's what the dress looks like in the movie:

…and how the Franklin Mint interpreted it.

A+ for Franklin Mint for scale as well as matching the pattern. D+ for Tonner. No thanks; I'll save my $200 for this limited edition of 500.

Next up is "Shanty Town," also a limited edition of 500, but this one goes for $215.

The doll and hair look MUCH better; the dress isn't bad, either.

Until you look at the detailed shots, showing the faux buttons that serve no purpose:

Compare with FM's version, with buttons that actually fasten the top together.

This time, the Tonner Doll wins, but once again, FM walks away with the best outfit.

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  1. To be honest, I think the first doll looks like a small porcelain doll with those clothes and hair, at first sight at least :-). I like the Franklin Mint dresses better too.

  2. It reminds me of those dolls that are used as toilet paper covers!