Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gene Marshall: Lovely In Lace

Etta Foran is the designer behind this lacy confection that was used for the cover of Mel Odom’s book (see Amazon link below). A beautiful wintry cape was also available for purchase to go along with this circa 1941 outfit. Rather than do any photoshop trickery, I thought these portraits did just fine on their own without any fancy backgrounds. This one works from all aspects: the hair, the doll, the outfit. DEFINITELY a keeper! From the Story Card:

It was the end of a journey.

A journey that had begun in Cos Cob, Connecticut, in the dreams of a small-town girl with hope in her heart and talent that just wouldn’t quit.

She had taken those dreams, hope and talent to New York City. There, good fortune took her by the arm and led her along the path toward stardom.

Model. Usherette. Bright-eyed star to be. Discovered!

Suddenly, she was whisked away on a cross-country magic carpet ride. From New Yorkk to Chicago and then… Hollywood itself.

There she found herself in Pictures with a Capital “P,” just as she’d dreamed. And just as she was getting used to the bright lights and glamour, fate stepped in and there she was, stepping in for the star and meanwhile becoming a star in her own right.

Did the preview audience realize, as they crowded into the theaters and settled into their seats that they were viewing a little bit of Hollywood history happening as the lights dimmed—and there she was, bright on the silver Screen and right where she was always meant to be. Lovely in lace and making her way into the hearts of everyone who saw her.

Gene Marshall—Girl Star!

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