Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gene Marshall: Tiers of Joy

This recent acquisition has won me over. Tiers of Joy is the perfect example of the wonderful attention to detail that Mel Odom & Ashton Drake lavished on Gene Marshall. This doll came with a miniature scrapbook page, an outfit, fan, headdress, jewelry, corset, pantaloons...the list goes on. And besides quantity, this poseable gal also has quality. If you can, GET HER! From the Story Card for this circa 1885 design:

“Oh Katie—look at this…”

Gene made her way through the neatly stacked boxes in her parents’ attic in their Cos Cob home, being careful not to bump her head on the low beams. Her mother was holding the lid of a box in one hand, the fingers of her other hand pressed to her lips.

Gene looked into the box and gave a little cry. Tiers and tiers of fabric were cascading from the box her mother held. “Oh, my! Is this the dress that Grandma wore in the portrait that’s in the den?”

“Yes, Katie. And it’s in beautiful shape. You know, you’re about the same size as Grandma was. Would you like to take it back to California with you? Maybe you would wear it to a party or to a premiere—I know your grandma would have gotten such joy seeing you in it…”

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