Friday, May 14, 2010

OOAK Couture: Chris Stoeckel, Pt. 3

For those of you who think Gene is ending and no more outfits will be available, just feast your eyes on these custom creations by Chris Stoeckel. As long as there are talented designers out there like Chris, Gene’s (and her friends'!) wardrobe will never end!

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  1. hi! i was wondering, which doll is that 2nd photo on?

    She is beautiful and so is the dress :)

  2. Chris also restyles hair, so although it's a Jason Wu version Gene, I'm not sure which doll it is.

  3. Fantastic fashions and styling! Chris has the magic touch and his fashions are best modeled by Gene and her friends. Does Chris sell on Etsy or does he have a website? Thank you Dave for sharing these. Ernesto