Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gene as Lana Turner in "Imitation of Life"

“Imitation of Life,” 1959, was the movie that helped resuscitate Lana Turner’s career after a nasty tabloid scandal. Turner wore $1,000,000 worth of jewels in the film and a $78,000 Jean Louis wardrobe—34 costume changes at an average cost of $2,214.13 each. Even today, that would buy a lot of material! Here, Gene Marshall wears a copy of one of Lana’s dresses from the movie, expertly recreated by Diane of Whidbey Island. Jewels are by Facets by Marcia.

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  1. You are INCREDIBLE! I LOVE that movie; in fact, I love that movie so much that I have the two-movie collection version of it, the one that includes the 1934 version AND the 1959 version.

    The character of Lora really is something, isn't she? AD's Gene captures her classy, but slightly naive personality perfectly!