Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marilyn Monroe: Tiger Dress from "The Seven Year Itch"

Just when I thought the Franklin Mint was finished doing new Marilyn Monroe dolls based on her movie costumes, bam...here comes the Tiger Dress from “The Seven Year Itch.”

Naturally, I had to compare it to the actual Marilyn from the movie. For the costume, jewelry, and shoes, the Mint scores a home run.

For the hairstyle...not so much. It looks like someone made a half-hearted attempt to recreate the flapper-style hairdo that Monroe sported for this brief scene, but just couldn’t pull it off. And yet...I still bought it (note: the doll ended up on ebay; the dress stayed). Here are a few more photos to see. Note: the cigarette prop is something that I added; it is not included by The Franklin Mint.

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  1. I ordered this doll and she is currently on the way. I couldn't resist such a great costume. I have to ask where did you purchase the cigarette holder?? That was my first thought when I saw photos of her that she needs that to be complete.


  2. Duh, just looked a little closer. I assume that it is photoshopped :)

  3. Melinda - The smoke is photoshopped, but it is an actual doll-sized cigarette holder that was made for one of the Madra Lord doll outfits by Ashton Drake. You can still find them on ebay every now and then. BTW: Love your website! Great MM resource!

  4. I'm back now that I have the Tiger doll in my hands. Thanks for the info on the cig holder. I am going to stalk ebay now. I agree with you on the hair - just not quite there. I'm also not sold on the colour they used for the dress. To me it is too yellow. It photographs well with shadows giving it a more orange look but in person too bright and too yellow compared to the original. Otherwise, she is a beauty.

    I love your website and the doll photos in particular.