Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doris & Rock: Pillow Talk

Doris Day & Rock Hudson are one of the most beloved screen teams of yesteryear. The 1959 classic "Pillow Talk" is still a fresh and enjoyable romantic comedy romp. Mattel chose to honor the duo with this recently released doll set.

The positives? The Rock Sculpt is incredible; for a 12" figure, they sure did capture his face. Doris' outfit and jewelry are extremely faithful recreations of the ensemble she wore in the movie, shown in the first photo which is of the scene that Mattel followed for this set.

The negatives: c'mon Mattel; what is the deal with your doll bodies? They have released yet another static set with virtually NO poseability. The costumes are sewed tightly onto the doll bodies to give the illusion of perfect tailoring. If you want to remove them from the box to photograph and pose them, you are screwed.

I am sure this is a pricepoint decision, just as it must have been to eliminate Doris' white fur stole. Speaking of Doris...the sculpt is ok, but just doesn't quite capture the fresh-faced innocence of the real Doris Day, which is surprising when seeing how accurate Rock's sculpt is.

Overall, it's fantastic that Rock & Doris were honored by Mattel; just a little disappointing that Mattel couldn't have taken a few extra steps (for which I am sure collectors would have shelled out a few extra bucks) to make this a higher quality release.

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  1. The only movie Doris was ever nominated for an Oscar. I wish she looked less like Barbie, and more like Miss Day, but over-all, pleased with this set. Really do miss the stole, though.

  2. Mattel definitely re-uses head molds to save on cost. She looked more authentic in the promo photos, and he looks more life-like in yours.

    Bad news about the sewn-on clothes - I was thinking about getting this set and putting Doris' head on a Pivotal Barbie body, but that won't do much good if I wreck the outfit.

  3. Bree - Rock's outfit seems to be the one that had more in the way of "hidden tailoring." You would probably be ok with Doris.

  4. I see Cary Grant, fortunately or unfortunately.

  5. You're right about Cary Grant there! These two are really cute!