Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Derby Dreams in Black Ribbon

I've always thought this circa 1942 outfit by Tim Kennedy (based on a Marlene Dietrich costume) was very cool, but didn't realize just how stylish it was until I did a photo shoot with Derby Dreams Gene last week. Now it is one of my faves!

Previously, I posted a publicity shot by Steven Mays which used a shoulder-length blonde Gene. Substituting a platinum blonde Derby Dreams Gene, I think I have found a much better combination! She sure is a knock-out!

Removing the overlay, Gene looks just as stunning in this form fitting black dress!

Even though I love this outfit, don't let Gene get TOO comfortable in it, as it is definitely a stainer!

I could already see faint hints of black on Gene's body after a few minutes of wearing it.

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  1. In the short period of a photo shoot, it was already staining? That's insanity. Was it the overlay or the sheath that was leaving the marks?

  2. Bree - I believe it was the overlay, as there were faint marks on her arms. I have one pair of gloves (I believe they were part of one of the Kentucky Derby Convention outfits) that stained the hands so bad that I even considered replacing the body.