Friday, August 19, 2011

Love Letters

Another fave that has taken me awhile to shoot is this Circa 1947 fire-engine red concoction, designed by José Ferrand and released in 2000. From the story card:

The film Love Letters was set for a Valentine's Day release—and couples all over the country had marked their calendars with a big red heart to make sure they'd be there for the most romantic picture of the year.

In Love Letters Gene is a shy young woman who answers a lonely hearts ad. Quick and courteous postcards turn to long and loving letters—and finally a marriage proposal. They arrange to meet at the train station on Valentine's Day. “How will I recognize you, my Mysterious Lady?” he writes in a postcard.

"I'll wear something red, for the occasion," she replies in a card.

Valentine's Day finally arrives. As he enters the train station, his arms filled with heart-shaped candy box, bouquet, and corsage, his eyes search the crowd for even a hint of red. And there is Gene, resplendent in a red dress, red hat, red shoes—and a sign that says, "Be Mine!"

Rushing to her, her bespectacled pen pal suddenly stops short. His face turning as red as her dress, he takes off his glasses and whispers, "I hope you're not disappointed. Will you still marry me?"

"Does Niagara have Falls?" says Gene, with a slight catch in her voice. "Let's get on that train." But before they turn to go, she points a stern finger at his nose and says, "But NO picture postcards to any Mysterious Ladies, okay?” And, laughing, they make their way to the Honeymoon Express.

The last two show Gene modeling a rare red Tucker automobile from 1948. Uniquely designed (just like Gene!), the Tucker had the engine in the back and the trunk in the front.

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  1. Hi Dave!
    I just enjoyed looking at your posts here! Gene should really make a comeback. By the way, I noticed that our blogs have been re-blogged in Hollywood Dolls. At any rate there is a post about hairstyling for Gene but the post there does not seem to name the source blog from which it got its post. The post is interesting on how this person styled the hair of Gene in much better ways -- I think -- while Gene already has beautifully styled hair. The reason I ask is really to find out if this person can help me style a Victorian rolled hairstyle ala Melanie Wilkes. Tonner did it, but it doesn't still work as much similarly to the film. Here's the link:

  2. Raphael - I recommend Kathy Johnson; she is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Her email is:

  3. She just emailed me Dave. I saw her gallery of work and she is fabulous!! Thank you very much for this Dave!!!