Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Lady Knows: Before And After

Based on a design by Pierre Balmain (famous French fashion designer), Bob Lange's outfit was released in 2001. Parts of the outfit really seemed cool; others, not so much. Supposedly for a film noir, the look of this outfit seemed a bit dowdy and more turn-of-the-century than 1940's femme fatale.

I loved the hat, loved the fur stole (check out the faux fox head!), and even liked the top. But something about the long taffeta skirt and black ankle boots that put me off.

Inspired by all of the creative mix-and-match photos of The Couture Touch blog, I decided to stray a bit and put Gene in a shorter black skirt.

Now Gene seems like she belongs in a film noir thriller.

The taffeta skirt has gone to that great ebay heaven. Adieu!

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