Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shirley Temple: The Classic Stand Up And Cheer

For Shirley Temple doll collectors, the most popular outfit is most likely the one known as the red coin dot dress from Shirley's 1934 movie, "Stand Up And Cheer." Even though she only had one number ("Baby Take A Bow"), she stole the spotlight and kept a fairly ho-hom movie from being a stinker.

The doll shown here is one of the Danbury Mint porcelain antique replicas that they produced years ago in a 14" size. The current one for sale actually measures closer to 12", even though it is listed as 14".

I removed the synthetic wig that came with the doll and replaced it with a mohair one that does an excellent job of replicating the wigs that came with the classic 1930's Shirley composition dolls.

Add a replica dress from Dollspart Supply and voila—a beautiful porcelain Shirley Temple doll that captures the magic of the original!

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